About ALSO

Shrishti Bhardwaj instituted ALSO- A Look to stand out in 2019, with a vision to create style statements that stand out in a Crowd. We are focused on great design with a classic concept and mythological meanings while stimulating modern poise. Our Brand Stands Strong on 4 Word pillars - Original, Handcrafted, Sustainable and Sentimental. And with Moto of- "Create to empower". We Spend Infinite Hours researching about the Design and Conceptualise every aspect of the jewellery. We try to come up with an exclusive Meaning Full style statement made with a fascinating Back story. We, at ALSO make handcrafted Jewellery. Every Piece is handmade with perfection and skilful Labour. Our In-house production ensures quality and customisation. Each piece is made with utmost love. We are a Home Grown Brand - Made in Indian offering the best of quality and the Best Price. We Believe growing the Community should grow with us, We Support the Local Skilful craftsmanship and Deliver the best that could make your overall look that stands out.